Monica Di Cristina Feng Shui Consultant in London


– I studied in different countries because of my family business.
– I have a degree in Art and Design with a specialization in Interior Design.
– I completed the Alan Stirling Feng Shui course in 2012.
– I completed the Simon Brown Feng Shui course in 2021.
– I currently live in London.
My main goal in life is to help people thrive in their potential.


I had to be independent from a very young age. I had the will and strength to look after myself, and in my early twenties, I had the privilege of working in a variety of fields, including interior design. All of these different positions impacted my growth as a human being because they taught me to be adaptable, clear, and respectful. Most importantly, I learned how to be my best in relations.

In my thirties, I studied Feng Shui through two different courses with fantastic and knowledgeable tutors. From all the work experience I gained, and from my own life experience, I learned that if modern life requires us to live in interior spaces, they should be designed to empower and love the people who reside in them. This means loving ourselves and our homes fully because, as I see it, our home is an extension of ourselves.

I am a good observer and listener and have always tuned in to my senses. Being present allows me to see and feel the surroundings around me for what they have to offer. In the constant rush of our daily lives, we might neglect our surroundings, and I am here to be a little reminder to my clients.

Having a Feng Shui consultation does not mean changing everything; it is a fun process of observing what was happening before and, learning together, we can understand the best way of feeling empowered in our own space.


– To begin a consultation on a property, I would first need the address, a floor plan, and a reason for the consultation.
– Depending on the property’s location, I would meet the client in person, or via video call.
– During our first meeting, I will get to know the client better, we will finalise together what their needs are, and discuss their goals in life.

Space reading
– If the consultation is conducted in person, I will observe the space, take pictures (if permitted), take notes on the surroundings and then “study” inside the property.
– If the consultation is done on a video call, then the client can choose to take me around the property with the camera, or they can send me pictures or a video.
– These first parts of the process might take some time, and we will follow the client’s time frame. It’s important that we gather as much information as possible at the beginning to ensure the best results going forwards.

Feng Shui in action
– After gathering all the important information, I will prepare a detailed report of the different methods I used to study a client’s property. I will explain the meaning of any Feng Shui principles, and finally, I will advise on what’s required in their home.
– Clients are free to call for a follow-up meeting to discuss the report as soon as they wish, free of charge.
– After this first follow-up meeting, if the client needs more support, I will charge 20% of my usual rate for a one-hour meeting.
– The client determines how they request support – my job is to ensure my clients understand the process and find the right way to make it productively work for themselves.
– Depending on the client’s lifestyle or timings, I will make myself available every couple of months to check in. If everything goes as hoped, I will contact the client after one year of the conclusion of our consultation to make sure the client is living the life they’ve wished for.


Clear communication
I always believe honesty will help growth in a person’s development. It makes everything faster and reduces the number of meetings required to understand each other. Communication can happen by phone during working hours or by email anytime.

All the information a client shares during a consultation will be handled with the utmost respect and care, with no judgement.

All personal data will be kept 100% confidential.

Every single study proposed for a property will be explained and priced in advance. Once the client accepts the studies required, we will agree on a payment method.