I have a degree in Art and Design with a specialism in Interior Design. I believe that if modern life requires us to live in interior spaces, these spaces should be made to empower and love who resides in them.

At first I thought it was furniture, objects or beauty that creates positive feeling in a space but I soon learned it was something much deeper than that.

I’ve always been fascinated by Asian interior design which is how I discovered the ancient art of Feng Shui.
I completed case studies by working on my friends’ properties.
After that it’s been a month to month business which I’m very proud of.


To begin a consultation in a property, I first need a floor plan of the property and the exact, if possible, date of when the construction of the building was completed. If the client does not have this information the consultation will be done in a more simple way, by applying  the Ba Gua method, which is about putting the right cure in the right directions.

A deeper consultation can take place with a floor plan, building completion date and the dates of birth of the occupants of the property.

My first visit in the property will involve me taking notes on the  direction in which the property is positioned and which I will measure with the Feng Shui compass called Luo Pan, I will survey the property and take notes or pictures, if permitted, of how the space is presented.

If it is a big property with a garden I will also do an “ago puncture for the earth” technically called Geapathic Stress …. in which I can detect if there is any black stream (bad energy stream) running through the property and cure it with a type of ago puncture to the ground.

Last but not least, I will have a meeting with the client and discuss  their lifestyle and the different aspect of their lives they feel they need a change.

I will then produce a full report and return to the property to discuss the relevant cures which are needed and assist in choosing the best way to reorganize the space.

Once conclusions are understood, all the cures need to put in place and it is my clients responsibility to create the new living space.

During first year, I will happily follow the developments by taking feedback from the client and recording all results. Once everything begins to work smoothly in the property, I will return in a years time to make any further changes required by the new year to maintain the right flow of energy we receive from the Cosmo and from our home planet.