Home is where we all feel safe and can also be where we feel loved and supported by the house itself.
Applying Feng Shui to a home brings immense harmony and a great feeling you can’t compare with anywhere else. It gives you the right attitude to live your life with simple cures.

The reading of the space itself is very interesting, you can follow me while doing it or I can prepare you a report. I use the Luo Pan, the Chinese compass to mark the different areas of the Ba Gua and to work on the 24 Mountains.

It is always very exciting to make changes or even simply moving furniture around and seing that it actually feels better positioned in a different way. In some properties you might need to make big changes and I am very happy to help with the process and support you with the decluttering process, which for many people is hard to do.

In other cases there might not be many changes to make so we will need to address our attention in the part of your life you want to strengthen.

Feng Shui consultation in London for home, balance, harmony and energy for each room


  • The home supports you
  • Helps you to achieve the outcomes you seek
  • Increase your energy, vitality and enthusiasm
  • Find balance and harmony in your life
  • Sleep, study and work better
  • Encourage a closer connection with nature
  • Decorate the house in a balanced way
  • Better focus on attaining goals
  • Optimise your property sale
  • You get stronger in taking decisions