Feng Shui for home in London



Home is an extension of our mind. To feel truly safe and content in our homes we need to have inner strength, a clear mind, and to love ourselves deeply.

Applying Feng Shui to your home brings immense harmony and a feeling of serenity that you can’t compare with any other place. It gives you the right attitude to live a considered life, and can improve self-esteem, inner power, intimacy and relationships.

Your home is ready to help you achieve these things now. Feng Shui is simply the key that opens the door!

Your home consultation
To help you tap into the superpowered potential your home can offer, I use a variety of methods, including the Five Elements – a harmonious way to balance different types of energies – and the Ba Gua method, a calculation involving the year number and geographical data.

I use the Luo Pan, or Chinese compass, to mark the different areas of the Ba Gua and to understand the influence of the different directions of Feng Shui philosophy, known as the Twenty four Mountains.

A more complex but particularly effective method is the Flying Star. This last one requires more detailed information about the property, like the date of construction and orientation of the building.

When visiting in person, I also measure the electromagnetic fields around the property. Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) has become a substantiality new pollution source in modern civilization, attracting considerable attention worldwide due to the potential interaction with human organs and the nervous system. In recent years, several studies have focused on the neurobiological effects of EMF, including its impact on neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers in our bodies that play critical roles in cognitive and emotional behaviour.

Analysing and improving the space
The ‘space reading’ is always fascinating; when visiting in person, you’re welcome to join me as I conduct it, or I can prepare a detailed report of my findings for discussion afterwards.

It is always stimulating to make simple changes, such as moving furniture, and realise that the new position feels better. In some properties, you might need to make bigger changes, and I’m happy to help with the process of decluttering, which for many people is hard to do. In other cases, there might not be many changes to make, so we can turn our attention directly to the areas of your life you want to strengthen.

By identifying the different areas of the property and the unique needs of its inhabitants, we can also start understanding the impact of nature itself, including the sun’s movement, the various types of sunlight that affect humans in different ways.

Positioning furniture and considering colours and materials, can make a huge difference, making the space look and feel more ‘homely’, and, importantly, allowing our unconscious mind to connect us to the beautiful world of art and design.


  • The home supports you
  • Helps you to achieve the outcomes you seek
  • Increase your energy, vitality and enthusiasm
  • Find balance and harmony in your life
  • Sleep, study and work better
  • Encourage a closer connection with nature
  • Decorate the house in a balanced way
  • Better focus on attaining goals
  • Optimise your property sale
  • You get stronger in taking decisions