Feng Shui can be used in existing buildings or if you want to build a property from scratch.
All the basics of nature come together when we decide to settle somewhere and make it feel like home.
Nature is perfectly harmonious with each element that forms her, and that is exactly how we should be with our modern and complex lives.
We are influenced by many forces of nature which we can not escape.

Depending on whether you are considering new construction or an existing one, I can use different calculation methods but always concentrate on the same need. As you will understand after a consultation, energy comes to us from every direction, from different distances, speeds, and waves. It is still very important to shape the building in a way that welcomes these energies. Learning to live with what nature offers us is one of the ways to happiness.

The Flying Star method will tell us which star combinations (energies) are present around the building or future buildings.
If our project is to build a new property, it is crucial to study the surroundings, the land, and especially the movement of the sunlight. This last one is very important because we can then build the perfect home taking into consideration the needs of the people who are going to live in it and empowering them with the right kind of Qi.

The solar cycle is vital to achieving our goals in life, everyone has the right to find what is best for them, when, and where, and this is how I am going to help.
I use also the Ba Gua method to determine the different areas of the space.
After studying the whole building and making it clear from the consultation what the needs are, the result is finding the best direction for sleeping issues, reducing stress, improving intimacy, and enjoying more of the surrounding energies that come from nature.

Designing gardens is crucial too, not only because we can not live without nature around us, but because this is a very effective way of welcoming energy.


  • Using the solar cycle fully
  • Position of front door to welcome the right energy
  • Land selection and facing direction within a specific degree
  • Addresses surrounding landform issues
  • Brings in the desired energy in each room of the building
  • Keeps in consideration what is in the surroundings.