In an era where buildings are getting ever bigger and taller, an understanding of their impact on the areas they occupy has never been more crucial.

Nature is perfectly harmonious with each element that forms her, and that is exactly how we should be with our modern and complex lives. When it comes to designing buildings, we are influenced by many forces of nature that simply cannot be escaped.

Depending on whether you are considering Feng Shui for a new construction project, or want to investigate an existing building, I’ll use different calculation methods to provide valuable architectural insight.

Energy and building design
As you will understand after a Feng Shui consultation, energy comes to us from every direction, from different distances, speeds and waves. It is vital that buildings are shaped in ways that welcome these energies, rather than push them away or divert them. After all, learning to live with what nature offers us is one of the surest ways to happiness.

Your architectural consultation
The first thing we’ll do is employ the Flying Star method, which tells us which star combinations (energies) are present around a building. The Ba Gua method is also helpful to determine the different areas of a particular space.

After investigating the whole building and discussing your particular needs, we can aim to find solutions for a number of issues. From better sleep to reducing stress and improving intimacy, we can harness the surrounding natural energies that already exist for the good of the building’s inhabitants.

Where applicable, we’ll also take a look at garden design too. This is crucial, not only because we cannot live without nature around us, but because natural, outdoor spaces are an important and effective way of welcoming energy into buildings.


  • Position of front door to welcome the right energy
  • Land selection and facing direction within a specific degree
  • Addresses surrounding landform issues
  • Brings in the desired energy in each room of the building
  • Keeps in consideration what is in the surroundings.