By Nick Oxley

My experience of Feng Shui began when I bought a new house at the end of 2012. It had taken me a very long and stressful year with countless viewings, estate agents and several big disappointments, to finally succeed and buy a new house. The house needed quite a lot of work and apart from the kitchen I renovated and completely redecorated the whole house, including a conservatory extension and garden makeover.

Monica was involved from the beginning and gave me priceless advice on color tones, floor style, bathroom design and furniture. She encouraged me to make a few minor structural changes such as opening up the space under the staircase to create a very warm a peaceful corner to sit and read and also to widen the rear patio doors which would now adjoin the conservatory and removing a big step across the floor so the living room and conservatory doors could be completely open creating one big flowing living space.

This completely transformed the house and made the living area significantly bigger and brighter. She also encouraged me to be bold with the choice of floor boards and create a contrast between down stairs and up. I ended up with white wooden floorboards upstairs which I would never have even considered but again the transformation was incredible creating a summery feel upstairs which helps you feel so much more alive and energetic on blurry eyed mornings!

The color scheme was very simple but vibrant and I felt completely at home like the colors had been chosen to suit my personality.

Her knowledge experience in interior design compliments her skills in Feng Shui . Also the style and shape of furniture to compliment the room but also to suit my needs and advice on where to store certain things and getting rid of so much clutter. The end result was a house that I absolutely loved and a space that was designed for me where with a corner or area for everything I needed. I felt completely at home.

After a year my life was changing rapidly for me and a long standing dream to move abroad was becoming a reality. This also meant retraining and a career change. After a period of unemployment finding it hard to get my first job on my new path, Monica returned to make some new calculations and suggested a few minor changes. Within a matter of weeks I was turning down job offers and up and running with my new career. When the time came to finally say good bye to the house I was very sad but also extremely excited about my next move. I should also say that the house was on the market for a day before I found a long term tenant who immediately came and viewed the house and offered the asking price for 2 years. I couldn’t have wished for better tenants and we’ve established a great relationship.

I absolutely give credit to Monica’s work for the ease of this move. Arriving in a new country felt very daunting but again I walked straight into the perfect job and found an incredible flat to live in within a week of looking. This is all testament of how life can work for you when you feel and connect with the right energy. Before I was skeptical but now I’m convinced and I thank Monica from the bottom of my heart for all her expertise and support and the impact her work had on my life. I can’t wait to come back to the UK to find a new house and give her a new project!