By Sara Riccadonna

We have known Monica for a long time and when we bought our flat in Turin she offered her help and we are still very grateful that she did.
Our flat has a particular structure and it wasn’t easy to decorate.
I learned about Feng Shui during the process of having it done in our flat, I trusted Monica in everything she suggested also because it was really easy to approach her, she considered everything we asked for and introduced the Feng Shui cures we needed in the flat without pushing us into a decision, she is full of ideas and had lots of alternative cures so we didn’t have to commit to the first thing she said.
I like the details in a house and even if our flat has soft natural colours I’m very proud of our red wall which is one of the main cures we needed.
Since we finished the work we did with Monica I always felt  happy in my home, definitely the place where I run to if I need comfort, there are a few areas in the flat that are good for my own element and I can’t explain to you the positive effect they have on me every time I spend time in them.
We always get a good response from guests in our home, which we never had before.
We’ve now been living in the flat for three years and luckily Monica has had the chance to come to our city and visit us and she’s always kind enough to spend time with us to update what the flat needs.
Monica is a very easy going and knowledgeable person, just what you need when you want try something new that will stay with you forever.